Theme of the month: A Scout is Helpful

A Scout's actions show that he is helpful. Being helpful is the right choice no matter what time of day or night it is.

It doesn't matter what size you are, you can be helpful to others.

It also doesn't matter where you are. Scouts are helpful around the world.

No matter what rank you are in Scouts, always remember that a Scout is helpful and his actions show kindness and compassion.


The Parable of the Popcorn

A Popper took all the popcorn kernels, which all appeared alike, and applied the oil and the heat.

When the heat was on, some kernels exploded and burst forth with whiteness which tasted delicious.

Some did pop, but not too much. Then there were some that did not pop at all, even though the Popper's heat was the same for all the kernels. Those kernels wanted to keep the heat to themselves.

Many people were very happy with the fully popped popcorn. But the kernels which kept the heat to themselves and did not become popcorn were only thrown away and forgotten about.

In the beginning all appear alike. But when the heat is on, some come forth and give all, while others fail only to be thrown away and forgotten.

The Scouting moral of the story is: When the heat is on you and you are asked to do something, do it well. Don't become the Scout that can be easily overlooked. Be the Scout that everyone will talk about and remember!

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